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Symbolic Meaning of the Hebrew Letters F G. P.

aleph spiritual meaning

The root א-ל (Alef-Lamed) also comprises one of the most fundamental words in Hebrew and Jewish vocabulary – the word אֵל which means god. By the way, both the root א-ל and the word אֵל as a representation of the idea of force may very possibly have something to do with another strong and powerful animal – the ram. The Hebrew word for ram is אַיִל (A’il) and it was a common symbol of power and idol of worship among many ancient cultures in the region.

aleph spiritual meaning

It is the constant movement, circulation, and change of life. The shape of the Peh is a Khaf with a Yod inside of it. This represents the spiritual spark of the Neshama soul, contained inside the physical body. With words and silence we can communicate the essence of our soul and existence.

What’s between Hebrew and Intelligence

Thus the created world is meant to house within it the spiritual. The physical world is meant to be a place for the Creator’s glory to manifest. The body is meant to contain the soul, allowing it to act in this world. The dual world actually contains within it the Ultimate Oneness, but concealed. The Beith is GMT the tool, the source of all building, containing and then bringing forth all of the other letters. Looking into the deeper meanings of the letters can transform and deepen our learning and can lead us to deeper levels of spiritual experience.

  • The letter Khof originally meant the back of the head, or the eye of a needle.
  • When He ascended, He said He would return in like manner.
  • Khof represents all the cycles of nature, changing seasons, monthly and yearly cycles.
  • Then he attacked the city suddenly in a great onslaught and destroyed many of the people in Israel.

YOD The Hand, the right hand, to strike or pierce, a stroke, a blow. KAPH The Hollow or Palm of the Hand, curved, concave, a valley or basin. LAMEDH A Goad, towards, into, unto, until, upon, even to, besides, etc. SAMEKH A Fulcrum, prop, lever, to help, to sustain, to uphold, the hinge of a mason’s apron, a ladder or line connecting the lower with the higher, the Holy Ghost.

Yod Meaning – Tenth Letter of the Hebrew Alphabet

The quality of the speech is considered to be the quality of the life’s essence and creative existence. The Peh teaches us to view our words as precious as gold, not to be spilled haphazardly. The yod is an infinite dot, the essence of all life. It is a hidden dot beyond imagination – formless, the source of all thought, beyond all thoughts, beyond time and space. It is the secret hidden principle of the universe that we can’t perceive.

What does aleph mean in Psalms 119?

The first letter in the Hebrew alphabet is aleph, which means “master.” Aleph is the first and master of the other twenty-one letters. As such, the first verses of Psalm 119 remind us of the blessings we receive when we keep God's laws.

It is also not rare to find Hebrew roots which share the first two letter along with a strong semantic connection. For instance, the root ח-ש-ב , ח-ש-ד , ח-ש-ק and ח-ש-ש (fear / afraid) all start with Chet and Shin. Therefore, it will not be far-fetched to assume they all derive from the primal root ח-ש which still exists, and it means to sense or to feel. Another good example can be found in the roots ד-ח-ה , ד-ח-ף , ד-ח-ס and ד-ח-ק which all start with Dalet and Chet. I would be extremely remiss to speak about the word Aluf in the context of Ancient Hebrew without mentioning the primal Hebrew root א-ל (Alef-Lamed) from which it most likely derives. Live a blameless life by loving God with all your heart.

Aleph-Bet Yoga

A sign came from the Higher Self to the lower self, that its cycle was completed, and that it should reap Justice. The quartenary was moved; the Breath came, and the fountain of the Eye was opened. The Antaskarana was put forth, and there came a flood of spiritual light into the lower self; piercing and like a serpent. From its enclosure, the lower self saw the seven shining weapons — and therefore it looked to see. It opened the door of the third Eye at the High place, and dwelling within, made the At-one-ment.

aleph spiritual meaning

It actually occurs two years later in the context of the war that we have been talking about, the war that Jonathan and Saul will wage against the Philistines. Then, there’s the language that all of this is couched in. Just before attacking the superior enemy force, Jonathan, son of King Saul, speaks to his armor bearer and when he does so he says the exact words attributed to Yehuda ha’Maccabee by the Book of the Maccabees. Ein laHashem matzor l’hoshi’a b’rav o bime’at – there’s nothing that holds back G-d from saving, whether with many or with few. Israel is occupied by an enemy force, but this time it’s not the Syrian Greeks, it’s the Philistines. There’s a new and untested leader, but this time it’s not Matityahu or his son Yehuda, it’s Saul, and his son Jonathan.

Teith Meaning – 9th Letter of the Hebrew Alphabet

When we follow God’s commandments, never taking our eyes off them, shame will not rest on us. Knowing we are keeping our relationship with God first prevents doubt from creeping into our prayers and enables us to fulfill our destiny as God’s children. aleph spiritual meaning The second half of today’s lection is a prayer seeking God’s help in keeping the commandments of the Lord. Originally this was written in regard to Torah and all of its 613 laws, but we still need help to obey even the two greatest commandments!

  • I have a deck of Hebrew letter oracle cards and i pick one each week to contemplate and study.
  • The lessons to be gleaned from the Hebrew letters are vast and wide-ranging; they are baked into every aspect of every letter, hiding in plain sight, if you just know how to look.
  • In Kabbalah, speech is actually considered to be a spiritual power, which can cause good or evil depending on how it is used.
  • One of the most difficult parts of the Jonathan and Saul story that jumps out at you as you read it, is the role played by the prophet Samuel.

This small band of Maccabees rose up against them and miraculously overthrew the most powerful army in the world. They restored Jewish political control of Jerusalem, and recaptured the Beit Hamikdash. I know, I know, the candles in the Temple, they only had enough oil to last them one day, and BOOM, miracle of miracles, it lasted for eight. As you’ll see, Hanukkah may in fact be the most relevant holiday for us as we make our way through life in the 21st century.

Perhaps He will return some time after forty Jubilees of the Church’s time of trial and testing. If so, we are in that season now, for 1993 was the 40th Jubilee of the Church’s wilderness time. It is not hard to see in this the spiritual and moral disease of the city. Thirty-nine has to do with the authority of the serpent, which believers are called to overcome and overthrow wherever it is found. For this reason, Jesus healed the sick, cast out evil spirits, raised the dead, and preached the Word of Life. The number thirty-nine in Hebrew was written with the letters lamed and teth .

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The word אֵל has somehow found its way into the name of one of the most powerful and probably the most iconic character of American Pop-Culture – Superman. While on earth he goes by the name of Clark Kent, on his home planet of Krypton he was named Kal-El. The authors of Superman, Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster were both Jewish, and therefore it is quite reasonable to assume they knew El was the Hebrew word for god and chose it for symbolic purposes. Whether or not they also knew the ancient relation to the concept of force is a different question. Before we dive into the subject, let me give you a little background first.

aleph spiritual meaning

I have a question of where can I study the Hebrew words meaning. I am very passionate about Hebrew and in What Abba want to talk through words in Hebrew. Any guidance will be appreciated in this matter. The Letter Vav ( ו ) represents the number 6, the number of a man. In the pictograph, it looks like a nail or a hook (). The meaning of this letter is to ADD something or to SECURE.

GIMEL A Camel, like a camel’s hump, heap, collect, high. HE Lo, see, behold, a lattice or window for that purpose VAV A Peg, Nail or Hook, therefore, wherefore, then, that, in order that, so that, etc. ZAYIN A Weapon, a shining sword, brightness, light. TETH A Serpent, like a serpent, rolled, twisted, entwined.

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Thomas Browne, Jorge Luis Borges and Cultural Fluency » in ….

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It is not just happiness and blessings; it is love. It’s the love we have for God and the love we are to have for others, which, as promised, becomes stronger when we diligently keep God’s precepts. One day, my daughter called and explained what they were going to do when they visited her father for four days. They don’t visit us very often, and they never stay for more than two days!

A sign came from God to the foremost people, that the cycle was completed, and that Justice should come. A quarter of the heavens was moved; the Breath came, and the fountains were opened. There came a flood into the low aleph spiritual meaning places, striking and twisting together. From their enclosure they saw brightness, and therefore they looked to see. God had been silent for centuries, there are no more miracles or prophets in this age of history.

What is the difference between aleph and Alpha?

Aleph is the first letter of the Hebrew and the Phoenician alphabets. Alpha is the first letter of the Greek alphabet and comes from aleph. Both denote the number 1, first. Aleph is used in mathematics and Hebrew religion.

Aleph is the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet. Since God did this before creating the heavens and the earth, the letters are considered to be the primordial building blocksof all of creation. When He ascended, He said He would return in like manner. Perhaps this forty-day period is prophetic of a forty-Jubilee period, wherein He has continually taught us since His resurrection.

The Ghimel also represents reward and punishment. The word גמול represents the giving of both reward and punishment. The laws of the created world are based on the rule of judgment – blessings are able to ETC flow to those who do good, while wrongdoing blocks the receipt of goodness and abundance.

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